WAGGLE DANCE - cello + laptop

video digital
04'16" - HD

waggle dance is a free depiction of another creative process that hasn't seen the light yet.
this is the creation of live improvised composition using only acoustic cello and stereo microphones. the performative act takes place between sara galan and edu comelles. the entanglement between both take place in series of movements based on cello lines captured by stereo microphones.
while the sound resonates into the abandoned rooms of a house, microphones alter the way we perceive it. during the process microphones becomes instruments and panning becomes interpretation.
the camera, unfolds the intuitive and apparently random dance between two parts of the same performative act, framing (again) the moment lived and introducing a third level of subjectivity to the action that took place in that house

this has been released as part of the [at078] digital release

sara galán: cello.
edu comelles: electronics.
merisma: vídeo.
editing and mastering: edu comelles.

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